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Music Customization

Totally personalize your background music in just 30 seconds.

Calendar Tool

Schedule music easily with a simple drag-and-drop calendar.

Commercials Tool

Schedule your commercials in seconds and make them recurrent.

From Idea to Commercials in Just Few Clicks

Create Professional Commercials Without Going Through a Recording Studio

Write the Script for Your Commercial

Simply type in the text you want to be read in your commercial.

Choose the Voice

Over 40 different voices available in 29 languages to read your commercial in just seconds.

Generate the Background Music

Joy, sadness, happiness, fear: decide the emotion you want to convey with your content and generate the music that can do it.


Download your commercial to your computer or schedule it using the calendar tool.

A Single Subscription,
no Other Licenses Needed

Playing copyrighted music in commercial spaces without the proper licenses or using unauthorized services is illegal and subject to penalties.

Purilian's music is not subject to copyright and related rights, so it can be freely used in stores, venues, and hospitality businesses.

With Purilian, you simply don’t have to worry anymore!


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Purilian is a music streaming service designed for business environments such as stores, restaurants, and hotels.

The background music played by Purilian is composed in real-time by artificial intelligence based on the type of store and the customers present.

Every track played is unique, unrepeatable, and completely free from copyright and related rights.

The service provides real-time generated music channels that can be played on your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).

You can listen to the channels tailored for you based on your store’s profile (recommended if you want specific results), or you can choose your favorite channels on your own.

Purilian periodically adds and updates channels to give you more choices.

Purilian is a generative artificial intelligence programmed to compose the most suitable music for your store or business environment.

Based on your environment’s profile and your customers, Purilian will play the best background music to achieve your business goals.

Everything you hear is composed by a computer 🙂 so you won’t need to pay copyright and related rights licenses: there is no “human” author for the tracks you hear!

None! You can play Purilian freely in your environment without needing to purchase copyright and related rights licenses.

Any computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the internet is all you need to play Purilian in your environment.

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