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Back End Developer

Purilian is seeking a skilled and experienced Backend Developer to join our team and take the lead in architecting the backend infrastructure for our multi-tenant software. As a key member of our development team, you will play a crucial role in designing and implementing scalable, secure, and high-performance solutions that cater to the needs of multiple tenants.


  • Design and develop the backend architecture of our multi-tenant software, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance.
  • Collaborate with frontend developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Implement distributed systems and database structures to ensure data segregation and isolation between tenants.
  • Develop and maintain APIs for seamless integration with external systems, adhering to best practices for API design and documentation.
  • Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Optimize system performance through techniques like caching, asynchronous processing, and load balancing.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies, evaluating and implementing them as appropriate.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent work experience).
  • Proven experience in backend development, designing and implementing scalable and secure systems.
  • Strong proficiency in at least one backend programming language, such as Java, Python, Ruby, or Node.js.
  • Solid understanding of distributed systems architecture and experience with related technologies (e.g., message queues, caching layers, load balancing).
  • Proficiency in working with both relational databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra).
  • Experience in designing and developing APIs, following industry standards and best practices.
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and their services for scalable infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of security principles, encryption techniques, and experience implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work in a collaborative team environment.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in developing multi-tenant software or similar projects.
  • Familiarity with containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes).
  • Understanding of compliance regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS.

Join our dynamic and innovative team, where you'll have the opportunity to shape the backend architecture of our multi-tenant software and contribute to its success.

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